Activity Card Small Sided Game 9-12 Above the Line

ABOVE THE LINE (Small Sided Game)
Suitable for players aged 9-12 years


  1. Set up area 30 x 20m. Modify area depending on the age & number of players.
  2. Set up two end zones at opposite sides of the area.
  3. Divide players into two teams and bib accordingly.
  4. A target player from each team stands in their end zone.
  5. Spare footballs are placed around the outside of the area.


  1. Team in possession (Blues) must complete one pass before they can pass to the player in their end zone. Pass must be controlled in the end zone. Once this is achieved:
    - A Red must become another target player in the Red end zone (this would result in Reds having 2 target players in their end zone and one less player than the blues in the middle area).
    - Blue target player passes to the Reds to restart the game.
  2. Each team must then complete the same number of passes as the other team has players in their scoring zone (E.g red has three players in their scoring zone, blue must complete three passes before passing to their end zone.).
  3. Winning team is the first team to get all the opposition players into their end zone


  • Pass into the end zone must be a first-time pass
  • Coach to specify which foot to pass with (left/right)
  • Increase or decrease the size of the area


  • Passing accuracy
  • First time passes
  • Receiving and Turning
  • Teamwork / Communication