Activity Card Small Sided Game 9-12 Cone Game

CONE GAME (Small Sided Game)
Suitable for players aged 9-12 years


  1. Area of up to 30x20m. Modify area depending on the number and age of players.
  2. Divide the players into 2 teams and bib accordingly (Reds / Blues).
  3. Have footballs around the outside of the area to restart match quickly.
  4. Have a number of tall cones at either end.
  5. Place cones at each end of the area to create an end zone.


  1. Teams score a point by passing the football and knocking a tall cone over.
  2. The player who knocked over the cone picks it up and takes it back to their own team’s line. (This gives the other team a quick overload advantage).
  3. At the end of the game, the team with the most cones wins


  • Teams must complete a number of passes before they are able to shoot at the cones
  • Play game with two footballs at one time


  • Vision & Awareness
  • Decision making – when to pass/when to shoot
  • Supporting movement
  • Passing accuracy