Team Photos

Team Photos 2020


The Process 
Photos will be taken inside the clubrooms by the physio rooms. Arrange for your team to meet somewhere downstairs before the time indicated as the 'arrival time' on the schedule. Make sure the players are ready for presenting to the photographer (socks tidy, boots all on or socks only, manager, and coaches present). 

At the indicated 'arrival time' proceed upstairs and line up in height order outside the clubrooms. 

Order / Payment 
One payment/order per team - one nominated person or the Coach / Manager should place the order for their team on behalf of the team members. All orders will be delivered to the clubrooms in bulk.
Photos will be available to order online from Monday 17th August until midday Monday 31 August. 
  1. Order photos online
  2. On the left-hand side of the screen click on Western Springs 2020 or click on the large icon with the same wording
  3. Hold your cursor over the images to enlarge and view (photos are listed in the order they were taken). Click on the image you want to order.
  4. Click the box and enter the quantity.
  5. Select Add to Cart
  6. Select Shipping Zone - No Charge
  7. Click Check Out
  8. Login or Register. If you have ordered photos through this service before please login (if you can't remember your user name click on lost your password) If you haven't ordered photos through this service before please register.
  9. Carry on through to the payment gateway. Remember to do the final submit on the credit card transaction.
If you have any problems ordering photos please email
23rd September



Anton 7th
Arsenal 12th
Arsenal 6th
Beckham 9th
Blake 7th
Bournemouth 6th
Bowen 7th
Brighton 6th
Cantona 9th
Cheetahs 10th
Conroy 8th
Costa 9th
De Gea 9th
Dragons 10th
Europa 19th
Everton 12th
Foxes 10th
France 11th
Henry 9th
Hoka 12th
Hyenas 10th
Magic 11th
Marinovic 8th
Moss 8th
Napoli 14th
Naylor 7th
Piranahs 10th
Reid 8th
Ronaldo 9th
Schnell 8th
Scorpians 10th
Scotland 11th
Smith 8th
Smletz 8th
Sweden 11th
Tigers 10th
Tika 12th
Torino 13th
Venom 17th
Verde 15th
White 7th
Wilkinson 7th
Wood 8th