Team Photos

Team Photos 2021


The Process 
Photos will be taken inside the clubrooms by the physio rooms. Arrange for your team to meet somewhere downstairs before the time indicated as the 'arrival time' on the schedule. Make sure the players are ready for presenting to the photographer (socks tidy, boots all on or socks only, manager, and coaches present). 

At the indicated 'arrival time' proceed upstairs and line up in height order outside the clubrooms. 

Order / Payment 
One payment/order per team - one nominated person or the Coach / Manager should place the order for their team on behalf of the team members - $15 each. All orders will be delivered to the clubrooms in bulk.
Photos will be available to order online the day after they are taken until midday Monday 5th July
  1. Order photos online
  2. On the left-hand side of the screen click on Western Springs 2020 or click on the large icon with the same wording
  3. Hold your cursor over the images to enlarge and view (photos are listed in the order they were taken). Click on the image you want to order.
  4. Click the box and enter the quantity.
  5. Select Add to Cart
  6. Select Shipping Zone - No Charge
  7. Click Check Out
  8. Login or Register. If you have ordered photos through this service before please login (if you can't remember your user name click on lost your password) If you haven't ordered photos through this service before please register.
  9. Carry on through to the payment gateway. Remember to do the final submit on the credit card transaction.
If you have any problems ordering photos please email
9th June



6th Bluff
6th Manapouri
6th Napier
6th Opua
6th Rakaia
7th Bournemouth
7th Leeds
7th Norwich
7th West Brom
8th Esson
8th Phillips
8th Satchell
8th White
9th Boxall
9th Brotherton
9th Dyer
9th Moss
9th Rufer
9th Tuiloma
10th Beckham
10th Henry
10th Maradona
10th Ramos
10th Ronaldo
11th Bears
11th Piranhas
11th Raccoons
11th Thunder
11th Tigers
12th Belgium
12th England
12th Finland
12th Keas
12th Magic
12th Portugal
13th NRFL
14th Barracudas
14th NRFL

All Committee Members



10th June



6th Aorak
6th Auckland
6th Taupo
6th Tauranga
6th Timaru
6th Wellington
6th Whangarei
7th Arsenal
7th Aston Villa
7th Brighton
7th Burnley
7th Chelsea
7th Crystal Palace
7th Everton
7th Fulham
7th West Ham
8th Green
8th Longo
8th Morton
8th Olla
8th Percival
8th Riley
8th Skilton
9th Doyle
9th Ingham
9th Kete
9th McGlinchey
9th Smith
10th Gerrard
10th Kerr
10th Zizou
10th Pele
10th Pepe
10th Suarez
10th Torres
11th Cougars
11th Hornets
11th Hyenas
11th Lions
11th Wasps
12th France
12th River
13th Girls Premier
14th  Seals
15th NRFL
16th Napoli
16th Sportivo
17th NRFL

14th June



5th Comets
5th Grizzlies
5th Hawks
5th Heat
5th Magic
5th Nets
5th Nuggets
5th Raptors
5th Sonics
5th Suns
5th Thunder
5th Wolves
6th Kaitaia
7th Leicester City
7th Liverpool
7th Manchester City
7th Manchester United
7th Newcastle
7th Sheffield United
7th Southampton
7th Spurs
7th Swansea
7th Watford
7th Wolves
8th Anton
8th Bowen
8th Cleverley
8th Duncan
8th Hasset
8th Stott
9th Conroy
9th Margetts
9th Schnell
9th Marinovic
10th Bale
10th De Gea
10th Bulldogs
10th Kane
11th Foxes
11th Storm
12th Falcons
12th Mexico
12th Scotland
12th Swifts
13th Championship
13th Championship Div 1
15th Nice
17th  Verde

15th June



6th Ashburton
6th Christchurch
6th Dunedin
6th Frankton
6th Hokianga
6th Kaikoura
6th Kerikeri
6th Puhoi
8th Eagles
8th Hawks
8th Naylor
8th Thomas
8th Wilkinson
9th Barborouses
9th Perry
9th Rojas
9th Wood
10th Cantona
10th Carlos
10th Cougars
10th Jaguars
10th Knights
10th Panthers
10th Marta
10th Morgan
10th Rooney
11th Fantails
11th Hurricanes
11th Meerkats
11th Sharks
11th Tornadoes
11th Tuis
11th Wekas
12th Atletico
12th Chile
12th Poland
12th Racing
13th Arsenal
13th Liverpool
13th Southampton
14th Championship
14th Girls NRFL
15th Championship
16th Girls NRFL

Mens Development Team
Mens Premier Team

Women's Development Team
Women's Premier Team