U-17 Tournament – Health and Safety

Health and Safety


1. Emergency contacts over the weekend

Kelly Bolus – 021 896 210
Tracy Cunnington – 021 0322 006

Paul Rutland – 027 294 7984
Andy Vernon – 020 4048 2472

2. First Aid / Ambulance
We have St John’s Ambulance on-site throughout the tournament for any medical/first aid needs. They will be situated in the main lower car park at Seddon Fields.

3. Fire
In the event of a fire, please proceed to the Fire Evacuation Areas:
Seddon Fields – Far side of Field 3 towards Old Mill Road. Coaches/Managers please make sure you have a list of players to check against.

Western Springs College – In the middle of Fields 5 & 6. Coaches/Managers please make sure you have a list of players to check against.

4. Sudden Collapse
Go to St John’s first responders immediately.

We have 3 x AED’s at the Clubhouse; on the balcony, behind the bar and in the Physio rooms.


5. Physiotherapy
Onsite physio, Back To Your Feet Physiotherapy will be providing physio services onsite for the tournament. Their team of experienced male and female football physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistants will be based upstairs in the pavilion and can deal with the acute injuries that happen during the tournament, or to help you get through if you are carrying an injury into the tournament. They can help your team perform at their best by helping to optimise your recovery.

During the tournament BTYF will only be charging:

$5.00 for ACC consultations / $55 for private consultations
$5.00 for small strappings
$10 for large strappings
$5 for 5 minute massage
$10 for 10 minute massage
$15 for 15 minute massage

Consumables such as tape, foam rollers, spikey balls, ice packs will be available to purchase on the day.

6. Sunscreen
Please encourage your team to be sun safe at all times during the tournament. We will have lots of sunscreen at HQ for anyone who needs it.

All teams will be given a bottle of SunSense SPF50 free of charge..

7. Thunder & Lightning
Lightning is dangerous and has struck and killed footballers on the field. Please treat all thunderstorms as serious.

If you can hear thunder, then the associated lightning is within the auditory range…about 9.5-12.5km away. The distance from the origin of lightning to where it can strike can also be 9.5-12.5km.

A good lightning safety motto is: "If you can see it (lightning) flee it; if you can hear it (thunder), clear it."

Trainings or Games
Understanding of SAFE lightning shelters is essential. SAFE evacuation sites at Seddon Fields include:
a. Fully enclosed metal vehicles with windows up
b. Substantial buildings such as the WSAFC Clubhouse
c. The low ground. Seek cover in clumps of bushes

UNSAFE LIGHTNING SHELTER AREAS include all outdoor metal objects like flag poles, fences and gates, high mast light poles, machinery, etc. AVOID trees. AVOID water. AVOID open fields. AVOID the high ground.

If you feel your hair standing on end, and/or hear "crackling noises" - you are in lightning's electric field. If caught outside during close-in lightning, immediately remove metal objects (including baseball cap), place your feet together, duck your head, and crouch down low in baseball catcher's stance with hands on knees.

Wait a minimum of 30 minutes from the last observed lightning or thunder before resuming activities.

8. If someone is struck by lightning
Go to St John’s first responders immediately. Get the clubs AED, switch it on and attach to person, follow instructions. People who have been struck by lightning do not carry an electrical charge and are safe to handle.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact Kelly Bolus or Paul Rutland in the Tournament HQ.