U-17 Tournament Rules – Women

Women’s Tournament Rules


Updated: 9th May 2022


1 Team eligibility

This is a tournament designed for Club youth teams. Teams must be hosted by a Club that is duly registered as such with its local federation.

The tournament is open to Club teams from both New Zealand and overseas. All overseas teams must have the approval of entry from their own National body as well as from OFC and NZF.

2 Player eligibility

Females: Born on or after 1st May 2004 but not on or after 1st January 2008. Please contact the tournament director at u17s@wsafc.org.nz if you need to discuss these dates.

All Clubs must hold copies, on file, of suitable age verification (eg passport, student ID or driver licence) for every player listed on their online registration list as at Thursday 24th November 2022. These must be made available on request. In the case of changes for medical reasons, this information for new players must be available for review at the Manager’s meeting.

No player will be permitted to compete in the Tournament unless evidence of their age, acceptable to the Tournament Management Committee, is available on request.

NOTE: in the situation of protest or dispute regarding player eligibility, the Tournament Management Committee will determine whether the photo ID submitted shall be considered as conclusive evidence.

All players with the exception of 2 guest players, must be registered to play at the club they are representing between 1st April 2022 - 1st September 2022.

If your club has an MOU with another Club to combine player resources, then please provide proof of a written MOU for the tournament committee to review. 

Registrations will be determined by the club(s) they were registered for on the national database, Comet, by this date.  

All Clubs must complete in full the online registration no later than 24th November 2022.

Two guest players per squad will be permitted. A guest player is defined as one who has not been registered with the Club entering between 1st April 2022 - 1st September 2022 and did not play for your club in the 2022 winter season. Any clubs proven to have been found abusing this rule in 2022 may be excluded from entry in 2023.

Guest players’ eligibility must be approved by the guest players’ own Club, with evidence of this to be provided by way of email from a club email address or letter signed by an official from the guest club.   All players (including guest players) must be in the national database, Comet and registered to play in New Zealand.  

Any eligibility requests will be dealt with on a per Club basis, and tournament organisers reserve the right to allow a Club dispensation based on their individual situation.

3 Game Rules *Subject to final draw

Game rules are those of FIFA with the following tournament adaptions. All fields are accepted as being within acceptable FIFA size variations. It is the Tournament Director’s intention that all fields will be of the same dimensions. All match balls will be a size 5 supplied by the Tournament Management.

4 Tournament Format

TBC for 2022.

5 Team Squad

The maximum number in a squad is 18 players.

No new or additional players are permitted after Thursday 24th November 2022 without the written approval of the Tournament Management Committee.

Requests for new or additional players based on medical grounds may be made at the Manager’s meeting and will be determined by the Tournament Management Committee, at their sole discretion.

Names, dates of birth and squad numbers are to be clearly listed on the approved squad list. This must be supplied by the due date of Thursday 24th November 2022.

6 Team List

Any revisions to the original team list must be submitted prior to or at the Manager’s meeting on Wednesday 7th December 2022. Copies of all player IDs may be requested from the Tournament Organisers.

Guest players must be clearly indicated on the team list and approved by the guest players' own Club, with evidence of this to be provided.

All players’ strip numbers must be clearly indicated on the team list. No player will be allowed to play without a numbered strip.

All team management personnel must also be listed on this team list with one mobile phone contact in case of unforeseen emergencies.

Home and away strip colours must also be noted on the team list.

7 Substitutes

All 18 squad members will be allowed on the team card (seven substitutes), but only five (5) from the seven (7) can be used in any one game.  Rolling substitutions will be permitted. Substitutions can only be made during a maximum of two intervals during each half allowing for multiple player substitutions. Changes are unlimited at half-time but must be notified to the referee.  

If the Championship Finals go to extra time, substitutions will be allowed before the start of extra time, and at half time of extra time. No substitutions will be allowed outside of these windows. 

Concussion / serious injury substitution will be permitted.

All Substitutes must wear a bib in a different colour to their playing strip. Teams must provide their own bibs.

8 Strip

Teams need to have both a normal (home) strip and an alternative (away) strip complete with player numbers.

The Player’s number must match the name on the registration team card and match team cards. Players must only play in their designated strip number.

All strip colours, home and alternate, must be notified to the Tournament organisers at time of entry.

9 Protests

Protests in connection with player eligibility will be accepted at the Manager’s meeting and compared with details on record. All protests must be in writing, clearly stating all relevant facts. All other protests in connection with the Tournament must be received by the Tournament Management Committee (via registration and tournament HQ) within one hour of the conclusion of the match in which the dispute has arisen.

The dispute will be considered by the Tournament Organisers and the decision will be binding, with no appeal permitted.

A charge of $20 will apply for all protests to be heard. This is refundable if the protest is upheld.

10 Manager’s Meeting

This will be held at the Western Springs Clubrooms at 6:30pm on Wednesday 7th March 2022 - Seddon Fields, Meola Road, Westmere, Auckland.

It is a requirement of entry that your Club representative attends this meeting.

Each team must nominate one designated person with contact phone details for the purpose of the Tournament Management Committee needing to make contact during the course of the Tournament.

11 Referees

An official referee will be supplied for all pool games to control the match.

One assistant from each team will be requested to assist the referee during pool play.

3 Point control will be the Tournament Management Committee’s intention for all knock-out games – subject to the availability of suitably qualified officials.

12 Discipline

This will be controlled by the Tournament Management Committee.

Players incurring two cautions during group play will automatically be suspended for one match (i.e. the next match following the match in which the 2nd yellow card was incurred). If the 2nd yellow card occurs in the last pool match, the player will miss the first knock-out match (i.e. the Semi-Final for the Women’s).

If a player incurs one yellow card during pool play, this will be removed for the Women’s Semi-Final.
Players sent off (red card) will automatically incur a minimum one-match suspension.
Players sent off twice will be banned from the remainder of the Tournament.
All players, coaches, team officials and spectators are bound by the NZF Code of Conduct. This is available on our website and App.

A red card for violent conduct, spitting, physical or verbal abuse of, or intimidation of, any match or Tournament official, or any other red card offence that is reported in writing to the Tournament Management Committee by a match official, will automatically be referred to the Tournament Management Committee. The Tournament Committee will determine the length of any suspension, up to and including ejection from the whole Tournament.

Further to the above, the Tournament Management Committee may refer the matter to NRF, and/or NRF may request (based on information received), that a player suspended from any matches in the Tournament appear before an NRF Judicial Committee (or if is unable to appear at the set time be dealt with in her absence) and any further sanctions be imposed. NRF may also refer the matter to another federation if this is deemed appropriate.

13 Refunds

Once payment is made, no refunds will be offered, unless COVID-19 postpones the tournament and teams cannot make the rescheduled date.