U-17 Tournament Turf Rules

Turf Rules

All participating Associations / Clubs must fully comply with the Rules and the Code of Conduct and ensure that their Coaches, Managers, Players and supporters also comply with them as well.

Taking care of our Artificial Turf

1. Only Players and officials are allowed on the turf

This means that the turf is used exclusively for sports games or training by players and officials wearing the right footwear.

2. No smoking, fires or fireworks

All of council’s playing fields and playgrounds are smoke-free. This is part of council’s commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of Aucklanders. Fires and fireworks are prohibited on most of our parks and can cause damage to park facilities, especially artificial turf.

3. No vehicles, bikes or scooters

Vehicles of any kind, bikes (including children’s bikes and tricycles) and scooters can cause significant damage to the fibres on the artificial turf. Wheels can catch on the fibres and can squash the turf surface, causing irreparable damage.

Falling from a bike or scooter onto the turf, which is not designed for this kind of use, could also cause personal injury.

4.    No Dogs

Dogs are not allowed on any council playing fields. This is for health and hygiene reasons, as well as removing the risk of damage caused by dogs that like to dig or chew things.

Players ad officials – In addition to the above rules, there are some important things that players and officials can do to keep these playing surfaces in good condition. Also, please remind other visitors and spectators, or tell your friends and family, that only players and officials are permitted on the turf.

5.    Footwear

Correct footwear plays an important part in keeping turf in good condition for you to play on. Please wear boots with plastic studs because metal studs, if burred, can tear the turf fibres.

Flat-soled shoes can also cause damage and shorten the life of the turf by bending and flattening the fibre. Please also make sure your footwear is clean before you go onto the turf. This helps keep the turf clean and pleasant for you to play on.

6. Food and Drinks

Water, plastic bottles and no food – that’s the main message here.

Please bring water only and in plastic bottles – no other drinks, food, sweets or chewing gum. Food and drinks can harm the turf, with sugary items causing the most damage, especially when they heat up in the sun, become sticky and cause the turf fibres to clump together. This cannot be easily cleaned or fixed.

There’s also the matter of health and hygiene with food and drinks contributing to bacteria.

To protect the surface and turf users, glass bottles are not allowed.

7. No Spitting

Another health and hygiene measure: Prohibiting spitting on the field is important for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the turf. Unlike soil, grass and sand fields, spitting cannot be safely absorbed on artificial turf.

8. Dispose of strapping and litter thoughtfully

Please don’t discard strapping and rubbish on the field. Sticky tape can damage the turf’s fibres and, if left on the field for a long time or in extreme weather, can cause even greater damage.

9. Compost Bins

At WSAFC we have compost bins, recycling stations and landfill bins. Please consider our environment and dispose of your rubbish appropriately.

Thank you for doing your part to look after our artificial turf. Please share this information with fellow players and officials, spectators and other visitors to the park.

Please report damage or vandalism to the council immediately on 09 301 0101.

If you have concerns about the way a group, Club or team is using your park or artificial turf, please speak to the club, the organisers or contact council directly.