U17 Tournament Fit4Football

Western Springs U17s Tournament

Fit4Football Provisions 

Ice Baths
All teams are welcome after the teams have completed their cooldowns and post-match food. The Fit4football team will facilitate this.

Drink Bottles
Team drink bottles, carriers, and ice wraps will be available for collection at the managers meeting.

Foam Rollers
Each player will receive their own foam roller to be collected from the Fit4Football activation area. A foam rolling guide will also be available on the tournament app.

Activation Area
Everyone is welcome to enjoy our educational games and posters focusing on concussion, ACL prevention, and player welfare throughout the tournament.

Warm-Up Zone
Warm-up zones are provided near each pitch as per the tournament map. We encourage coaches to use the 11+ warm-up prior to their ball warm-up to prepare their players well for the match. If you would like any support with this warm-up there will be Player Welfare Officers around daily.

You will find the Fit4football team at the Fit4football tent in the car park. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Enhancing performance through prevention


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