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What’s Coming Up…

February 2020

Sunday 16th February - Club Open Day and Great Boot Swap

18th to 25th February - Women in Football Week  More info>>

18th February - Community Referee Part 1 Females

22nd February - Girls/Women's Open Day

23rd February - Junior Level 1 Course & F4F 11+ Kids - Females

24th February - Youth Girls Education Workshop - The Female Athlete, Player Loading and Nutrition

25th February - Community Referee Part 2 Females

Throughout February - Junior and Youth Player ID Sessions  More info>>

March 2020

12th March - AFF Teams Coaches and Managers Meeting

17th March - 9th & 10th Grade Inhouse Coaches and Managers Meeting

18th March - 5th to 8th Grade Inhouse Coaches and Managers Meeting

20th - 22nd March - U17 Tournament, Seddon Fields

27th March - 8th Grade Inhouse Season Starts

28th March - 5th to 7th Grade Inhouse Season Starts

29th March - 9th & 10th Grade Inhouse Season Starts