In-progress Initiatives

We are continually striving to make Springs a better and better Club for female players of all levels and have a number of initiatives currently in-progress to further support this goal!

If you would like to know more about or would like to contribute to any of these initiatives then please contact the Lead for that initiative.



Target Date


Transitioning from Youth to Senior Football

Global research and Club experience has found that many players (male and female) stop playing football when they become too old for youth football. To combat this drop off several initiatives are underway, including:

  1. Development of a communication plan that outlines the playing options available to youth players as they transition to senior football
  2. Updates to the WSAFC website to provide this same information [COMPLETE]
  3. Working with NRF to ensure there are playing divisions available for U17-U19s
  4. Consideration of what additional resources/support the Club may be able to provide to encourage transitioning youth players/teams to continue playing.

30 Sep 23

Julie Dunn

Development of a Women and Girls Plan

A working group is making good progress with this initiative. An approach and timeline to deliver this work has been finalised. There will be a series of 1:1 interviews and group forums run during September/October 2023 to provide the opportunity for Club wide engagement/feedback. 

A summary of the draft Women and Girls Plan will be presented at the Club’s AGM on November 26. 

To share your ideas and aspirations for the Springs Women and Girls Plan at one of our October forums, please click here for more information.

(Working Group: Kerryn Smith - Mediation Transition Director, Julie Dunn - Senior Committee, Simone Spencer - Aktive, Santha Brown - Executive Committee, Maia Vink - Head of Women’s Football, Spencer Turner - Junior Chair, Steve Lowe - Executive Committee)

AGM 26 Nov - summary of draft available 

Julie Dunn

Review of the WSAFC Constitution

A review of the Club’s constitution is continuing. Amongst other revisions, the review will ensure that the Club constitution includes express reference to Women and Girls in its objectives.

A working group continues to complete this review and development of any associated policies and procedures. The proposed constitution and new/revised policies will be presented at the Club’s AGM on November 26. 

(Working Group: Jo Crabbe - Executive Committee, Claire Turner - Junior Committee, Miria Allman - Senior Committee)

AGM 26 Nov

Jo Crabbe

Change of White Shorts Colour for Female Players

Wearing white shorts is an issue that has been identified globally as a barrier to female participation, and enjoyment of sports (see Stuff article). Springs plans to address these concerns by introducing black shorts for all female players. 

Subject to funding being obtained to pay for the short colour change, it is anticipated this change will be introduced for the 2024 season.

2024 season

Claire Turner

Improving the Gender Balance in all Club Positions (Leadership, Committees, Staff) – achieving 40% Female Representation

Springs has committed to achieving 40% female representation across all Club leadership, committee and staff roles by the end of 2024 (as evidenced by the Club being one of only eight clubs in Auckland to sign the NRF Gender Equity Charter). 

The Club currently has 34% females across all roles. One female Executive Committee (Santha Brown) member joined in August 2023 and two female Senior Committee members (Miria Allman & Julie Dunn) joined in February and July 2023 respectively.  Our Junior Committee already has 50% female membership.

If you are interested in joining one of the Committees please contact the relevant Chair.

By end of 2024

Exec Chair

Senior Chair

Junior Chair