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WSAFC 2019 Prize Giving – 5th to 8th Grade In-house

This year, for 5th to 8th Grade, we are holding the Mini Tournament and Prize Giving on the same day.

Friday 30th August
8th Grade 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Saturday 31st August
5th grade 8:00am – 9:30am
6th grade 9:00am – 10:30am
7th grade 10:00am – 11:30am

What to expect from the day…

  • The tournament will take 1 hour followed by 1/2 prize giving
  • The winning team will receive certificate at prize giving
  • Spot Prizes – members of the Womens & Mens First teams will be circulating looking for players showing values that will include: teamwork, caring, honest, enthusiastic, fair play etc and awarded at Prize Giving
  • At the end of prize giving each player will receive a thank you treat (such as an ice block)

The Tournament…

The tournament will be run as per previous years with teams being split into two and put into PODS to compete against the other teams in their POD.

Each POD will require a POD Coordinator and at the end of each game the coaches will be required to tell the POD Coordinator the scores. To keep the competition fun, the score difference will not go beyond 3 goals up (e.g. Reid v Smith…Reid 1 up, 2 up, 3 up…and stay 3 up until Smith score then it becomes Reid 2 up the gap is back to two).

The overall winning team will be determined by adding “Team A” & “Team B” scores together (2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw).

Prize Giving…

After the last game of the tournament, coaches will take their team over to Field 6 (5th – 7th Grade) and Field 1D (8th Grade) for prize giving.

Supporters are to remain behind the fence or on the balcony while the tournament winners, spot prize winners and the seasons team award winners (MVP/MIP) are announced.

A tournament media board will be available for all players to have their photo in front of once leaving the prize giving area.

Managers and Coaches

Team managers please register for the tournament and prize giving and submit your Team Award Winners before 14th August. Please contact your grade coordinator for details.