Mini Football | Mixed Social 11 & 12 yrs

The focus for these grades is on continuing to develop their skills as part of a team playing in a safe and friendly environment.

The Social pathway provides the opportunity for players to play at a level that suits their current ability and minimises training and playing commitment to one training per week plus a game. 

Our 11th and 12th grade social players can choose to play on Sundays at Seddon Fields in our 'In-house League' 7v7, or play on Saturdays at clubs across Auckland in the Northern Region Football League (NRF) 9v9 against social teams from other clubs.

(For other player pathways, please see the information on the Junior Mixed 5-12 years page)

Note: Female players may choose to play in one of our mixed (generally 70% boys) teams or have the option of playing in girls only teams in games across Auckland. Depending on ability our female players may also request (via the appropriate Grade Coordinator) to play in the mixed grade below their age. 


Registrations and Teams

Registrations typically open early February through to April. At the close of registrations, the grade coordinator will put the teams together based on requests as indicated on the registration form (they do their best, nothing is guaranteed). If you have a few friends wanting to play together, they will all have to indicate this on their registration.

Once all registrations are sorted into teams, the coordinator will email out team details (typically mid April). Each team will require a volunteer coach, assistant coach, and manager. All teams are provided with a kit bag at the start of the season which contains size 4 balls, cones, and bibs.

It is at the team's discretion if they want to practice during the week or not. Teams will be given the option to secure turf space for training if they require it.


In-House League

Sunday mornings, Seddon Fields 

Please click here for details on playing in the '7 v 7 In-house League' at Seddon Fields


Northern Region Football League (NRF)

Saturday mornings, Seddon Fields AND other club locations throughout Auckland

Training - 1 session per week

First Game:  27 April 2024
Final Game:  22 September 2024

No games: 1 June, 13 July

Grading is strictly based on the year of birth: (2024 Season)  2013 – 11th Grade  |  2012 – 12th Grade 

11th Grade Coordinator – Polly Taylor  
12th Grade Coordinator – Nicole Roe




Each team will need a manager and two ‘coaches’ one to help the kids on the pitch and one to referee half of the game. The coach may also require help from the manager or another volunteer to help with the substitutions.

Every team will be provided with a kit bag at the start of the season which contains balls, cones and bibs. It is up to the team if they have training or not (1 training session per week is recommended) and there will be the opportunity to request turf space at Seddon Fields for practices. The club also has bookings that allows any team to use the football fields at Walker Park and Cox Bay for training during the week.

Coaches are encouraged to complete a Junior Coaching Course which will be held in the Western Springs Clubrooms and at no expense to the coach. These usually require you to attend just one session and will help you with ideas on how to help the kids develop. Team Coaches should encourage positive behaviours, and all players to perform different skills and roles within the team.

If you require assistance to find a coach please contact our Head of Junior & Youth Football.



The weekly allocation of fixtures and field locations will be published on the Northern Region Football (NRF) website .The draw will be made available on the Northern Regional Football website a week in advance but is not confirmed until 4pm the Friday prior to game day.

If your team needs to default the game for any reason, please contact your Grade Coordinator as soon as possible so alternative arrangements can be made for the opposing team.

The coach or manager will be provided with a login for Comet (used by NZF/NRF to register scores) and should enter the score by 4:00pm on Saturday.

Scores are recorded, to help with providing an appropriate challenge for each team, but not published.


Maximum of 12 players per team

Training Pitch or 1/2 of a full pitch with 4m x 2m goals


  • 9v9 games including Goalkeepers
  • 2 x 27.5 minute halves with 2-3 minute half time
  • Goal kicks must be taken on the floor by passing out to a team mate
  • Throw-ins, free-kicks and penalties introduced
  • Offsides awarded as per FIFA rules
  • The ‘retreating line’ rules are in use. Learn more about the 'retreating line' watch the video or download the booklet

Should watch games from behind the fence or on the balcony. Provide encouragement to all players but leave specific football comments to the coach.

Those interested in playing an active role supporting the players could:

  • Manage a team working with the coach
  • Coach a team for one training and one game per week
  • Enrol on a Community Referee (CR) course so they can referee games.
  • Run the line as an Assistant Referee.