Juniors Mixed 5 - 12 Years

These Junior programmes are offered:

  • McDonald’s First Kicks (5-6 Years) Grade 5 & 6
  • McDonald’s Fun Football (7-8 Years) Grade 7 & 8
  • McDonald’s Mini Football (9-10 Years) Grade 9 & 10
  • McDonald’s Mini Football (11-12 Years) Grade 11 & 12


Grading is strictly based on the year of birth: (2024 Season)

2019 - 5th Grade  |  2018 - 6th Grade  |  2017 – 7th Grade  |  2016 – 8th Grade  |   2015 – 9th Grade  | 2014 – 10th Grade  |  2013 – 11th Grade  |  2012 – 12th Grade 


Player Pathways



Our social pathway provides the opportunity for players to play in teams largely based on player preferences (e.g. play with specific friends, in a previous team, etc) and with a commitment to one training per week plus a game. Players may also choose to register and attend Skill Centre training as a second weekly training.



The Pre-Academy pathway provides opportunities for all players (girls and boys in 9th Grade and above) who are highly motivated and committed to training twice per week with teams formed based on abilities, commitment and motivation. Pre-Academy players are identified during term 4 from players attending the Term 4 Pre-Academy identification sessions and those attending the Term 4 Skill Centre sessions. The group of Pre-Academy players is then finalised at the end of term 4.  Any players who are not in the Pre-Academy teams but would like to follow the pathway should attend the Mixed Player ID sessions (mixed teams) or Girls Player ID (girls only teams) in February to be considered for a Pre-Development Team. Players in Pre-Development teams will  be committed and competitive minded players but aren’t yet ready for the Pre-Academy teams.  They will also train 2x per week. 

Girls Football

Female players (Grades 5-8) will play in our McDonalds First Kicks and Fun Football programmes as part of a mixed (generally 80% boys) team. Depending on numbers, girls only teams can be formed and players can make any request (e.g. play with specific friends, in a previous team, in a girls team, etc) when they register for the season. For any specific queries please contact the appropriate Grade Coordinator .

Female players aged 9-12 (Grades 9-12) can choose to play in either Girls Only Teams or Mixed (Boys and Girls) Teams following either the Social or Pre-Academy pathway, with the option to change teams / pathways each season.