Junior Committee

Tracy Cunnington - juniorchair@wsafc.org.nz
Junior Club Chairperson

Born in North London with two older brothers, football was our common language. I was a home and away season ticket holder for my beloved Arsenal before moving to NZ over 20 years ago.

We joined WSAFC in 2010 when our eldest started playing and I joined the Junior Committee in 2017. Over many years, I have enjoyed helping the club develop and grow in a wide variety of ways, from organising Open Days, tournaments, team photo evenings, to facilitating fundraisers and delivering Prize Giving events. For the past 5 years I have been Tournament Director for the National U17s Tournament.

I have managed mixed teams, as my three children have progressed through junior and youth football. Our eldest is now at Uni, but the other two are still playing for WSAFC. 

I am committed to further developing both our community teams and players, and those who want to stretch themselves at the elite level.

When I am not at our club, I work in Football Education & High Performance at Oceania Football Confederation.

Mark McLean
Girls Football Initiative, Academies

I’ve been in and around WSAFC for over 10 years, as a player (sadly former, with failing knees!), parent coach and team manager.  I joined the Junior Committee after coaching of our own kids’ teams was assumed by club coaches .  Our children, Tom and Erin, have both played at the club since 5th Grade, and are now playing through the Youth grades.

The club has been a constant and enormously positive part of our children’s lives, and I have a strong appreciation for the role it’s played in their sporting, personal and social development.  On the basis of our own experience, I feel strongly about helping ensure that the same opportunity is available to as broad a group of young people in our community as we can encourage and accommodate, and that the caliber of that opportunity is refined and enhanced.

I’ve had an extensive commercial career, including holding a number of senior / executive management roles in the corporate world, in both private and public ownership domains.  I’ve also owned and operated a number of businesses directly myself, which is where I currently spend my time.

Brad Alcorn
Girls Football Initiative, Womens & Girls Open Day

I grew up playing football but following university playing the beautiful game gave way to other life priorities.  However, following my two daughters joining Springs to begin their own football journeys, the excitement of being back around the teams, players and supporters was hard to resist and I joined the junior committee.  I have also managed (and continue to do so) both my daughters’ teams, have been the Grade Coordinator for the 6th, 7th and 8th Grades and have coordinated the girls/womens club open day for the previous few years.

During my time at the Club the drive and dedication of everyone involved has been inspirational.  We have a great Club and the desire to continue to improve all aspects of our footballing participation and experience is exciting - particularly the initiatives around our girls and womens teams and players, which is a key focus of mine.

Outside of football and family I am a litigation lawyer with a focus on corporate and regulatory issues.  

Fiona Hepburn

I'm a proud mother of two energetic boys who have been passionately playing football at Western Springs for the past four years. My husband has also been with the club for the last eight years, which has made football a central part of our family's life.

In my younger years, I was actively involved in playing football myself, and now, I find immense joy in being part of the vibrant community at Western Springs. The camaraderie, sportsmanship, and sense of belonging that football fosters is truly remarkable. It's more than just a sport for us and has created lasting friendships and memories both on and off the field.

I am dedicated to supporting and nurturing the continuous growth and achievement of the club. I cherish the opportunities football provides for personal growth, teamwork, and community spirit, and I look forward to contributing to the future successes of our players and the club as a whole.

Claire Turner
Diana Haggit
Women & Girls Initiatives; Team photos

I have been involved with Western Springs since our youngest son Emmett started playing at the age of 4, in 2015. I now have four kids playing in the Academy space at WSAFC, and my husband Hadleigh is a dedicated member of the Sabretooth team.

I am a dog trainer, and our 2 big dogs are regular attendees at weekend games. I am quite new to the Junior Committee, and I am excited to volunteer time to the development of a club that is such a huge part of our children's lives, and of the community. We are very proud to be members of WSAFC.

Josh Hosking
Junior/Youth Registrations

My son Zane joined WSAFC in 2020 and I have been volunteering at the club ever since. This is my 3rd season as a member of the Jr & Youth committee, and I am also the Youth Coordinator supporting our amazing coaches, managers, and players where I can.
Sport has played such an important role in my life and I’m a huge believer in the health, social and community benefits it can bring to our kids. I’m a part time runner, swimmer, rekindled tennis player and recent golf driving range enthusiast

Outside of the club and sidelines on Saturdays, I’m a business owner and Independent Director in the Food & Ingredients sector

Marny Worsley
Women & Girls Initiatives

I have been immersed in the world of hockey for 35 years, where my passion for sport has only grown stronger over time. Beyond my own playing career I find immense joy in supporting my daughter, who has been part of Springs since the age of 6 and now thrives in the U16 academy. Recognizing the invaluable support the club has provided Emily, I am excited to be involved in the committee to give back, ensuring that current and future generations can experience the same sense of community and opportunity that we have enjoyed.

Outside of sport I work as a Radiation Therapist at Auckland City hospital

Mike Cunnington

I have been around WSAFC since 2010 when our eldest started playing. We now have three boys playing at the club and I waddle around an over 45s pitch from time to time as well.
I joined the Junior Committee in 2013. I have volunteered in a variety of roles on the committee, but with a focus on developing the coaching capabilities of the club. I look back with pleasure at how our Academies and Skills Centres have grown and developed over the years.
At WSAFC, I believe we aim to provide a quality football experience for all levels of age, talent and enthusiasm