F45 Ponsonby - Western Springs AFC KickStarter Promotion

18 Aug

Club Sponsor F45 Ponsonby is introducing to Western Springs Football, its very own 4 WEEK 'I AM READY' Kickstart promotion.

Your senior team have loved training with us this season so come along and see what the hype is all about.

As long as you secure your spot now you can choose your own start date. Just reply 'I AM READY' to this email & we'll be in touch ASAP!


Normally $280.00 for the first 4 weeks but for members, family and friends of Western Springs Association Football Club we will reduce this down by 50% off our corporate rate  that’s only $110.00 for the first 4 weeks.


Want to feel better in your own skin and feel super motivated by seeing quick results?


Our 4-week Kickstarts have seen people lose kgs, put on muscle and achieve immediate improvements to their body composition in just the 28 days, while saving time in the gym, the kitchen and supermarket.

Your energy levels will skyrocket, you’ll sleep better, be more productive during the day at work and at home. Your confidence will go through the roof as you build your character, physical and mental strength.

This is the ultimate lifestyle Kickstart program that will get you out of your rut, and back on track! 

4 weeks is a short time to dedicate yourself to unique and specifically designed training programs and healthy, nutritious meal plans. Especially when you will be receiving unlimited support and motivation from our highly qualified and professional training team!


Who is the 4 Week Kickstart suited for?


For people who:

  • Don't have a lot of time but frustrated with how you look and feel
  • Know you need to get back in better shape but don’t want the hassles and headaches of going to a boring gym
  • Are bored of their current gym routine, or don't have one, or just need a jumpstart to give you that extra spark and rev up your momentum.
  • Struggle working out on their own and would prefer an incredibly supportive and energetic group training experience.
  • Are tired of feeling tired, or just finally want to bite the bullet and do something to get back to your best.

 The 4 Week Kickstart includes everything designed to assist and guide you through every step of the way:


Full body workout incorporating the benefits of Cardio, Resistance & Hybrid training
Adaptable - whether you are new to fitness or already fit, our trainers can customize any of the exercises to suit your fitness level
This style of training helps to get you in shape fast
Helps to improve your energy levels, metabolic rate, strength and endurance.
Time efficient way to supercharge your training - 45 minutes is all it takes
Your training is supported with full-access to a complete nutrition program
F45 workouts are designed to help you to perform better in all aspects of your life
Compliment all sports & team-based training

As long as you secure your spot now you can choose your own start date.

Just reply 'I AM READY' to this email & we'll be in touch ASAP!


Remember, results or excuses. You can't have both. Our whole team is ready to help you get what you're after!

We can’t wait to see you in the studio SOON.

For your nearest F45 please go to https://f45training.com (note: this offer available at F45 Ponsonby but contact your nearest F45 for other special offers)

Julie O’Mara - Owner

F45 Ponsonby

M: 021 2648248
E: ponsonby@f45training.co.nz