A Springs Legend - Denis Camden

1 Apr

A Springs Legend- Denis Camden

Last Saturday on Field 2 at Seddon,  known to some as "the field of broken tendons",   an open air sauna took place, where two teams played a jubilee festival game to farewell Denis Camden. The sun dried prunes masquerading as players from Go Feet and Royal did their best to allow the club footed defender to score a goal on his exit, which he duly did, despite some pitiful shots and a rancid penalty attempt that caused those not laughing to jerkily turn away trying to unsee it.

Den has been playing at WS since 2001, initially in a sexy title winning div 3 team “Internationale”, then since 2004 in Go Feet.  He has helped coach the women's teams his daughter Alex played in,  and has guested in many teams desperate to have him bolster their ranks, albeit temporarily.  The bribes and filthy offers to drag him away from Go Feet were numerous but ultimately fell on deaf ears.

Apart from a serious knee injury on “that field”  he has been impervious to injury or setback, and despite his love of wearing dirty socks and making a disturbing bedroom eyes when consuming ginger fusion, he’s been an extremely popular guy and friend to many.

He’s off to Bali with Kate. More writing, some surfing, hanging around the fish markets and scabbing a game of football will most likely dominate his time.  We wish him all the best.