AGM 2023 Results & Next Steps

8 Dec

On Monday 27th November, we held our AGM at Ponsonby Intermediate with 200 plus members attending. It was a very big turnout compared to previous years and a great signal of support and interest from our members. 

We got to hear about the many football achievements of 2023 and some of the challenges. 

The Exec presented the priorities for next season including continued success across all football levels, and improved planning, revenue, and operations. Detail of the Women & Girls Plan and review of the club's constitution were also outlined (see below for more details).

Congratulations to the following who were elected to help take our great club forward.

Executive Committee Chairperson
Grant Ramsay

Executive Secretary
Jo Crabbe

Executive Treasurer
Simon Beuth

Junior Committee Chairperson
Tracy Cunnington

Senior Committee Chairperson
Alec Flood

To our outgoing Junior Chair, Spencer Turner and Senior Chair Tony Jones, thank you for all your work, passion, and humour. These two have showed a huge commitment to Springs over many years and so many thanks also to your understanding families.

Review of the club's constitution 

The key dates and next steps with the review of the club's constitution are noted below, with further detail to follow in the new year: 

  • January 2024 - Notice of Special General Meeting to alter the club constitution, draft constitution shared for feedback

  • February 2024 – Opportunity for feedback

  • March 2024 - Special General Meeting to adopt changes

Women & GIrls Plan

The feedback provided at our recent Women & Girls Forums has now been consolidated into an incredible 200 or so ideas for improvement. 

From these ideas, we are now developing a 2024 Women & Girls Action Plan that will outline what initiatives we will be implementing in 2024. For more details please see here.