Senior Team Profile- Meet BRAVO GC

31 Aug

You know the saying 'a team that goes grocery shopping in matching Gucci team tracksuits together, stays together'?.....Introducing Bravo GC

What division do you play in? Over 40s, Div 5

How did you get your team name? Half of us came from the Mercenaries team. Sticking with the
military theme we went with Bravo Goosey Company. 'Goosey' is an inside joke based on the fake Gucci
team tracksuits we wear. There's a story behind the tracksuits but I'm not sure I can share that here!

How long has your team been playing at Springs? This is our first season as Bravo GC although most of
our team have been playing at WSAFC for years.

Tell us about your all time greatest game. We don't have much of a history yet but beating Central 4-3
in the final seconds on their Kiwitea pitch this season is up there. It was a very competitive game on a
great pitch followed by beers with both teams afterwards. Also, some of our players know a lot of theirs
so it's great to have secured the bragging rights!

What is the funniest memory during your time at Springs. Basically every time we go somewhere in
public wearing our track suits, especially in numbers! The Gooseys have made appearances out on the
town and even internationally. Also, grocery shopping together wearing them can be interesting ;)
Who is your team's biggest character? There's a few contenders but let's go with David Simons ;)
Who has played for your team the longest? Paul Pritchard, 14 years.

Who wins your teams "Back To Your Feet Physio Most Injured Player" Award? It's a tie between Pete
Kipkenei and Guys Reeves. Both were injured at the beginning of the season and won't be back for a
while yet.

What does Western Springs AFC mean to you? Community, friendship and brotherhood. Nothing
demonstrates a love for each other more than running around a crappy pitch in August while hailing
followed by man hugs, hot chips and cold beer.