Update on media coverage and mediation

17 May

You may be aware Western Springs has had continued media attention, raising concerns about whether the women’s team has been treated equitably, and how the Club has managed women’s football. 

Many members will have rightly found these reports troubling, but I assure you we are actively working towards a resolution to the issues raised by members of the Premier Women’s team. We are now starting the mediation process. This means we won’t be making any public comment at this time to ensure this mediation process has the best chance of success. We are committing to a constructive approach, acting in good faith.

While we continuously strive to do better, let me re-iterate the Club’s strong commitment to its girls’ and women’s football program, and equal access for all our players. We respect the views of players who have taken a stand and believe mediation is the best way to address their concerns.

May I also thank our volunteers who continue to work tirelessly for all players and the Club, including on resolving this issue and further improving our programs. 

We will update you as and when we can. Thank you for your understanding. 

Grant Ramsay

Executive Chair