We Celebrate Two Centurions

19 Oct

Congratulations to our newest club centurions, Jaedeci Uluvili and Lily Taitimu will bring up their 100th games against Eastern Suburbs on Friday (Oct 20th). Two very popular players who deserve all our thanks and admiration.

Thank you, Jaedeci and Lily.

Here's a brief bio of both of our stars

Jaedeci Ulivili

Jaedeci joined the club in 2019, and has been a key cog at Springs ever since. Jaedeci has a quiet strength about her. She is resolute, strong in a challenge, plays the game with vision, has immense quality on the ball and is one of the most composed women’s players in New Zealand – no one can phase Jaedeci!

What is striking about Jaedici is her true selflessness, drive and pure humility. She is a servant, a leader, always doing what is best for the team and always encouraging others to be at their best. She has a way with the younger players in the squad that allows them to be themselves, she is gentle and helpful, the impact on those young players coming through is immense.

Jaedeci is an integral part of the Samoa Women’s Team. Samoa has seen an incredible rise in recent years through the OFC Women’s Nation’s Cup and the upcoming OFC Women’s Olympic qualifying is another chance to continue her dominance in Oceania.

Lily Taitimu

Lily arrived at the club as an 18 year old, in 2019. She originally had to earn her way from the reserve team into the first team. Lily knows the players on this team inside out, she knows who needs a pep up or an arm around the shoulder – she’s the first one to start a dance party in the dressing room and is the life and heart beat of this team.

If there was a Club Personality of the Year Award – I’m sure Lily would be on the shortlist. Lily has coached at the club through the years and is known to many of the younger girls teams. Lily has also produced consistent performances on the field. Often doing the hard, unselfish work that often goes unseen but is integral to the team performing at it's best.

Her work rate, defensive transition and ability to keep the ball under pressure in the midfield has helped this team hit a new level across the years. Lily is a secret weapon at set piece time and has scored some spectacular goals in her time at the club.

Lily is moving to pursue a career in Australia next year at the conclusion of her study, we hope to send her off in the only fitting way – a National League Grand Final.